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This is the new VisualSizer website. After a few years of voluntary hiatus, we have decided to revive our VisualSizer Motor Sizing Software for Windows.

We are preparing more information, user manual, download link, etc.

For follow-up on progress, please log on to our Facebook page.

VisualSizer is a generic (manufacturer-independent) servo motor sizing & selection software for the motion control engineer. It includes databases containing various motor/drive/amplifier combinations of different motor manufacturers. It also provides a database editing tool to add, delete, and modify motor data.

The motor database includes the products of a variety of manufacturers in the motion control business and more data will be added in the near future.

This software package has been used and tested by some of the most reputable motor manufacturing companies in the United States, including their overseas divisions, such as GE Fanuc, Siemens Energy & Automation, Oriental Motors U.S.A., Schneider Electric, Baldor, Moog, Danfoss, and more.

VisualSizer supports the motion control engineer in a process that can be extremely time-consuming: The determination of the right electrical motor and drive according to your application specifications. VisualSizer provides solutions within minutes!

With the help of VisualSizer, a motion design engineer can set up mechanical systems that utilize components like leadscrews, timing belts, gearboxes, etc. and, of course, electrical motors and drives. The actual problem is the process of determining the right electrical motor for your setup. This is where VisualSizer provides excellent help. It will guide you expertly through what is usually a confusing and challenging process.

VisualSizer calculates the torque, speed, and inertia requirements according to the user’s application specification, processes all motor data from a motor database, and finally creates a list of all motors that match the requirements. VisualSizer will point to the optimum motor, but also allows the user to make his own choice from the list.

The user can also add new motors and even modify and delete existing setups. The VisualSizer program package includes a database editor, allowing the adding and editing of motor data.

VisualSizer does not only save time by automatically selecting the optimum motor, but it also has quite some knowledge integrated to support motion control engineers in the actual design process.

The steps involved to run the program are fairly easy:

  • Select the components, such as gearbox, leadscrew, etc., you need for your application and enter the appropriate parameters.
  • Define a velocity profile (duty cycle).
  • Start the calculation. The program will list all motors that match the application requirements.
  • Create and print an application report.

Key Features of VisualSizer

  • VisualSizer is a generic motor sizing software, i.e. it is not limited to the products of certain manufacturers of electrical motors and drives.
  • Comprehensive application setup by providing a graphical (visual) display of the motion axes’ configurations.
  • Creates detailed, professional looking application reports that will help the motion control engineer find the optimum motor/drive combination according to the application specifications
  • VisualSizer provides a high level of flexibility in regard to the use of units, either US Standard and/or Metric. Whether you use in-lb as a torque measurement or in-oz, or Nm, or kgm, VisualSizer allows you to set up your individual default units. You can even mix units within a parameter list.
  • The current version uses motor databases containing multiple motor/drive combinations of manufacturers like GE Fanuc, Siemens Energy & Automation, Schneider Electric, Oriental Motors, Parker Hannifin, etc. (Further databases will be added in the future).
  • User-definable motor databases. The software package includes a versatile database editor that allows you to add/modify further motor databases and create/print motor data sheets.
  • Definition of applied thrust load for each motion segment
  • Verification & display of motor torque/speed (performance) curves
  • S-Curve feature for velocity profile (duty cycle)