VisualSizer – Servo Motor Sizing Program for Windows

VisualSizer - Axis SetupVisualSizer is a generic (manufacturer independent) servo motor sizing & selection software for the motion control engineer. It includes databases containing motor/drive/amplifier combinations of various motor manufacturers. In addition it provides a database editing tool to add, delete and modify motor data.

VisualSizer supports the motion control engineer in a process that can be extremely time consuming: The determination of the right electrical motor and drive according to your application specifications. VisualSizer provides solutions within minutes!

VisualSizer - Jerk LimitationWith the help of VisualSizer, a motion design engineer can set up mechanical systems that utilize components like leadscrews, timing belts, gearboxes, etc. and, of course, electrical motors and drives. The actual problem is the process of determining the right motor for your setup. This is where VisualSizer provides great help. It will guide you effectively through what is usually a difficult and confusing process.

VisualSizer calculates the torque, speed and inertia requirements according to the user’s application specification, processes all motor data from a motor database and finally creates a list of all motors that match the requirements. VisualSizer will point to the optimum motor, but also allows the user to make his own choice from the list.

VisualSizer will run under the various Microsoft™ operating systems.

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VisualSizer-XP FREE Motor Sizing Program for Windows

VisualSizer-XP (formerly known as VisualSizer-Professional) was originally developed under older Windows versions (using VisualBasic version 6) up to Windows-XP. It is a fully functional motor sizing program without restrictions. However, the motor databases might need an update, but the program allows the user to update motor data through means of a motor database editor, which is included with the program.

VisualSizer-XP has been tested successfully under Windows 7 (32 bit version) but not under the 64-Bit version. VisualSizer-XP has not been tested under Windows 8.

For more information and to download the free version see: VisualSizer-XP FREE Servo Motor Sizing Program for Windows

VisualSizer-X7 Motor Sizing Program for Windows 7/8

(Under current development)

VisualSizer-X7 provides the same functionality as its predecessor VisualSizer-XP, but it is being developed specifically for use under Windows 7 and Windows 8 (using VisualStudio C# as a programming language), which frees it from the restrictions of previous Windows versions, specifically the restricted screen sizes of the time.

VisualSizer-X7 is still under development, and a release date is targeted for December of 2013. For further updates, please sign up for our newsletter as shown on the right hand side of the screen. Your information (email address only) will be treated with confidentiality.

See VisualSizer-X7 Servo Motor Sizing Software for Windows 7/8 for some screen shots reflecting the current development status.